Ajax Waterfront

The spectacular Ajax Waterfront is truly a sight to be seen.This gem of unspoiled beauty spans six kilometers of park land stretching across the Town's southern border along the shores of Lake Ontario. It is accessible to the public, with bridges spanning creeks, natural and maintained areas.

This land, totaling over 150 acres, is used by residents and visitors who come to enjoy the scenic views, picnics, engage in recreational activities in the open spaces, and utilize the multi-use trail for walking, jogging, cycling and in-line skating.

The asphalt trail, which is over seven kilometers in length, is part of the Waterfront Trail that runs from Hamilton to Belleville, and is also part of the Trans-Canada Trail. It remains one of the most picturesque waterfronts in southern Ontario. The 100,000 people who live in Ajax are delighted to keep it this way.

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