Caterstew You

Caterstew You - staff
 Caterstew You
955 Westney Road South
Ajax, ON   L1S 3K7
(905) 683-7007 

Caterstew You hit the nail on the head with its business name. This home cooked heaven has been in operation for over 35 years with new owner, Suhair Al-Haj managing it for 2 years now.

Caterstew You is the spot to go if you're working in the area, eating for one or just looking to go out to the lake with some cozy eats. The team works hard to offer delicious meals for those of us who love to cook but never want to clean up afterward. Whether it's a family-sized container or more suited for a single, Caterstew You does just that.

The fresh-bought ingredients and friendly team make you feel right at home. You've got to try their schnitzel, which is freshly made on site. Suhair tried other schnitzels, but their recipe held with high customer demand and it's staying for good. Pair it with a Caesar salad covered in their signature Caesar dressing and you're in for a delightful lunch.

What drives Caterstew You is the familial community they've built in Ajax. Customers are not customers, but friends that share in personal stories with the team. The Ajax community truly shines here.

Oh, andif you didn't guess, they cater too! Local businesses call them up to supply their team meetings, social gatherings and large-scale events with home-style meals and snacks.

If you want speciality retail foodstuffs, check out Caterstew You's selection as well.

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