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 Debbie's Boutique Café - logoDebbie's Boutique Café
94 Harwood Ave. S.
Ajax, Ontario L1S 6H2

Community Love at Debbie's Boutique Café

 It's a small operation with big love in the heart of Ajax's old downtown. Debbie's Boutique goes beyond the delicious menu and variety of café beverages and treats as an Ajax community hotspot.

 Community groups flock to Debbie's because it offers much space for gathering. You'll find everything at Debbie's including monthly Open Mic nights, meet-ups for seniors, ladies nights, relaxing tea times and business meetings. It is a place to bring your individuality and the things you love and share in them. Local students have featured Debbie's in their school and DIY projects, whether it's a photo shoot or a video recording. Not only that, but Debbie supports local everything - you'll find gorgeous art pieces throughout the shop and cute artisan goods and gifts like homemade cards and creative home décor pieces.

Debbie opened the café after living with an aspiration from her teenage years to open her own European-style boutique café. She currently holds a full-time position as a risk analyst but has lived with an entrepreneurial mindset since was a young girl. Debbie finally lived out her dream by bringing her café to life as a neighbourhood space that she likens to visiting a friend's home. 

Debbie wanted to bring her home cooking to her café, so she set up a cooking island beside the café bar where she prepares sandwich ingredients every night to set them out for every morning's sandwich creations. Debbie's serves paninis and warm sandwiches fresh to order. You can choose what goes into your sandwich and there's no set recipe - she's all about your individual experience. Debbie's also offers tasty, homemade soup and an array of delicious baked goods and pastries for those with a sweet tooth.

Stay tuned for Debbie's Boutique Café's Pan Am Special! Learn more about Debbie's on theirwebsite and Facebook page,Twitter and Instagram.  

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