Drupati's store front
Drupati's logo Drupati's Roti Shop
252 Bayly Street West
Ajax, ON   L1S 0E1 

Drupati's - Ajax's Caribbean Choice

With a 100 year old roti recipe on their hands, Joanne and Dave have hold of our appetites. Roti lovers have got to check out Drupati's, located just off Bayly Street. Joanne and Dave have been at the location for 2 ½ years, adding their own tweaks to their roti and curry chicken recipes. They only cook with fresh ingredients, leaving preservatives out of their foods.

Not a meat eater? We tried their Trinidadian doubles and we couldn't get enough of the curried chickpeas wrapped with flat fried bread. Drupati's offer both veggie and non-veggie dishes so you can still get your much-needed dose of Caribbean eats, no matter your dietary preferences.  

Looking to go out without going over budget? A young family of four can come by Drupati's and dine for around $20 and feel the true Caribbean hospitality. Come by for lunch and dinner and enjoy a relaxing meal with great company. Joanne and Dave have a wall of Caribbean CDs for customers to choose from - if you want to hear a specific CD, they will play it in store for your listening pleasure. Like what you hear? Excellent! You can purchase any of the CDs on the wall after you enjoy a great meal.   

The Ajax community is growing and diversifying all the time and we are happy to have Caribbean food so close to home. Not only that, but we are pleased to say Drupati's hires local talent with experienced line cooks and students on the team.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Come by Drupati's during the Pan Am Games if you want to try a taste of Trinidad and Tobago!

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