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Mr. Arancini Italian Riceball Shop
274 Mackenzie Ave. Unit 19
Ajax, ON L1S 2E9 

What's A Riceball, Mr. Arancini?

It started with a food truck. The food truck sold rice balls. Most people in Durham did not know what rice balls were. If you belong to this group, you're probably wondering the same thing, "What is a rice ball?" Well, it's a baseball-sized ball of rice with a delicious filling and it is deep fried. Oh, and by the way, "arancini" directly translates to "riceball."

After seeing great success with the very-mobile rice ball in their food truck, Sam and Tonia brought rice balls to Ajax by opening their Mr. Arancini Riceball Shop location off of Bayly Street on Mackenzie Ave.

The traditional Sicilian rice ball has a beef filling in red sauce with peas and mozzarella cheese, but as the only specialty rice ball shop in Durham Region, you can expect variety. Pizza rice balls, parmesan and eggplant rice balls, ricotta, spinach and mozzarella rice balls - and they're creating new ones all the time.

So why rice balls? Well, Sam has been making rice balls since he was a kid and he's gotten really good at it - he makes them lightning fast, so you know they're fresh.

This is the place to go for an authentic Italian experience in the Durham Region. The Mr. Arancini menu is full of traditional Italian and Sicilian foods - the meals you'd eat in a loving, Italian home. Tonia and Sam strive for the true, Italian experience and wish to create a community, especially for those who have no idea what a rice ball is yet. Not only do they offer rice balls, but they also offer cappuccinos and espressos and yummy desserts too, with café-style seating.

If you need good, tasty, fresh eats on the go, grab a rice ball. It retains its heat and provides the needed nutrients of a full meal, yet it is contained and mobile.

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