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527 Westney Rd South
Ajax, ON L1S 4N7

Scrambles: Where Ajax Meets for Breakfast

Scrambles is an Ajax breakfast staple, tucked into Westney Road South. But it does so much more than provide delicious home-style meals - it creates a community feel for local families and seniors - cheers without the beers, if you will. Scrambles won't have you scrambling. In fact, the Scrambles family of one chef and a handful of servers are always engaged with their customers and know them by name. If you are dining alone, they will introduce you to other patrons, who typically become fast friends outside the breakfast nook.  

Leslie has been the owner of Scrambles for almost 12 years. Her customers let her know when they're going on vacation and invite her to weddings and celebrations of life because she isn't just a local business owner, she's a friend.

And it shows - when we dropped in for an interview, a few patrons stopped by our table to make sure we knew Leslie was not only a friend-maker but also unassuming of peoples' differences. A woman and her son can come to Scrambles without feeling that they are being treated differently because of his disability. He is more comfortable at Scrambles than other restaurants. A man who recently lost his wife can come in everyday and await the open arms of the Old Ajax community in a familiar place where him and his partner used to begin their days, sharing a newspaper and holding hands as he read her news stories by request. Scrambles is a place of story making. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

As we were leaving, Leslie says goodbye with a hug - the signature action in this community space. Check out Scrambles for a great meal, prepared fresh, and an excellent community atmosphere.

Stop by Scrambles during the Pan Am Games for a 6 oz. steak and eggs meal for $11.99 or the Pan Am Platter of eggs, bacon, sausage, homefries and pancakes or French toast with a fruit cocktail and a coffee for $13.99.

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